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Asian Handicap is a familiar concept when participating in sports betting. However, for those who are new to learning, they may not fully understand the rules of the game and the types of bets. Today's article by keo nha cai will help you better understand this type of betting and reveal useful experiences from experts!

Introduction to Asian handicap

Before learning about the types of bets and how to play, let's learn about the concepts and rules of the game right below.

What is the Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap Also known as Asian Handicap betting, Handicap betting, etc. This game debuted on the market and became popular in the early 21st century, originating from Indonesia. The player will win when the handicapped team scores a goal higher than the original score.

Asian handicap is very popular in the gaming market today

Asian handicap rules

Asian handicap betting is essentially based on the difference. The number of goals gradually increases from 0.25 to 0.75. That is, from one-quarter of a goal, gradually increasing to half or three-quarters.

If in traditional betting there are three results: win, lose, draw then Asian handicap has reduced the number of outcomes to just wins and losses. This simplified game rule makes the win rate up to 50%. That is also what attracts a large number of participants.

A special feature of the handicap bet is that it only counts the 90 minutes of official play between the two teams without counting extra time. Therefore, you will see first half odds and second half odds on the bookmaker's homepages. Some other playgrounds will be equipped with extra time bets to increase the attractiveness.

Popular types of Asian handicaps

As shared above, handicap bets are based on the goal difference from 0.25 - 0.75. This is also the factor that playgrounds rely on to classify bets.

Ball odds (0 balls)

A match bet is a bet in which two teams are evaluated equally in terms of strength, style, style of play, etc. In case a team is stronger but has unstable performance, then it is also considered equal to the team. weak. The player will win if the team being bet scores more points.

Ball handicap is an Asian handicap with simple rules

Half ball bet (0.25 ball, 1/4 ball)

Half a goal is given when the weak team is handicapped by 0.25 goals by the strong team. If you bet on the upper hand, you will lose half your money if the result is a draw, lose all your money if that team loses, and only bet if that team wins. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog, you will win half the money if the two teams draw and all the money when the underdog team wins the match.

Handicap for half a goal (0.5 goal, 1/2 goal)

With half a goal, the strong team will handicap the weak team by 0.5 goals. The person betting on the upper bet will win all the money if that team scores a difference of 2 goals or more. If you win by 1 ball or more, you will win half the money and lose the bet if the result is a draw or the lower team wins.

Half-left handicap requires careful analysis

Three-quarter handicap (0.75 goals, 3/4 goals)

For Asian handicap This, when you bet on the upper hand, you will win if that team wins by 2 goals, win half the money if they win by 1 goal, and lose if they draw or lose. On the contrary, the lower team will win all the money if it draws or wins the match. Players will have to analyze to bet accordingly.

Handicap 1 goal

Similar to the above bets, this type of bet is when the strong team handicaps the weak team by 1 goal. If the participant bets on the over and that team scores by 2 goals, they will win. If the favorite team loses or the score is tied, all bets will be lost.

Asian handicap betting experience always wins

To increase the chance of winning, players need to equip themselves with useful knowledge and experience. Below are some tips compiled from experts and top players Asian handicap that you can refer to.

Observe and analyze the team

Not just soccer betting, with any sport you need to learn about the team playing before placing money. This is an important factor that directly affects winning or losing. If you do not know any information about the team, you should not bet regardless because the odds of losing are very high.

Nowadays there are many websites for you to find information. Based on those things, participants can analyze the situation of each team, how they play, whether their style is stable or not,... From there you will choose a reasonable betting team.

Besides, players must also be very alert to avoid losing because of the house's traps. A common trap is a high handicap that gives participants the illusion of a good bet. However, it is actually a risk for you.

You need to analyze the team carefully before participating in Asian handicaps

Choose a balanced Asian handicap

Choosing a balanced, relatively equal bet is also a strategy when playing Asian handicap betting. The two teams do not have much difference in strength, playing style or style of play. In big seasons, teams often compete healthily and fairly, so you won't be afraid of being bought for the prize.

Pay attention to the difference

Players will have to check the odds for matches with a large difference in strength between the two teams. Because then this parameter will often be very high. Normally, a few hours before the match, the rate will drop quite quickly and continue to increase for about 35 minutes.

This showed the disadvantage of the stronger team. Based on that, you should choose the weaker team if the bet remains the same but the odds decrease. That's why we recommend that you choose a balanced bet.

Choose a reputable Asian handicap playing address

Choosing a reputable Asian handicap betting house is extremely important. These are playgrounds with transparency, honesty and high quality. From there, participants will avoid risky traps and feel secure in betting without fear of losing everything.

In addition, these systems will be equipped with optimal security technology, supporting players 24/7. Incentives and promotions are also updated regularly to help you win resoundingly. So before joining, please choose a reputable address first.

Choose a reputable Asian handicap address to avoid risky traps

Continuously learn from masters

Participating in forums and groups to share experiences is extremely necessary. Many experts and experts with extensive knowledge and experience will gather here. Tips will be updated regularly every day for your reference.

Because these are all things that are concluded after participating in betting Asian handicap so you can use it with complete peace of mind. Besides, after each play, you will also learn lessons to make your next bet more effective. Improving knowledge every day is the foundation for players to win big next time.


Above is all the information about Asian handicaps which we want to share with our readers. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you will clearly understand the rules of the game, equipping yourself with valuable experience to win big. Please follow the website to update other useful game articles.

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