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Tien Len Mien Nam is a popular choice loved by many people. This is a popular card game in the Vietnamese community, attracting the attention of many players. It is this ease and flexibility that makes the special appeal of Tien Len Mien Nam, making this game popular not only in a specific region but also nationwide. Through the article below, MB66 will explore techniques and tips for playing the game.

TMien Len Mien Nam lah what?

Tien Len Mien Nam is very popular in 2024

The origin of the game comes from the West and uses a Western deck of 52 cards. In the modern era, this game has become extremely popular in Vietnam. According to research, this game was imported to Vietnam in the 80s of the twentieth century, while the country was still under the French colonial period. Although carrying Western culture, Tien Len Mien Nam has brought a new breeze, enriching the entertainment culture of Vietnamese people.

Currently, the game is held online. The game space is uniquely and attractively designed, with attractive rewards, attracting even professional players. By participating in the game, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself against opponents ranging from new bettors to experienced players.

Instructions for playing Tien Len Mien Nam are easy to understand

In Tien Len Mien Nam's community, there is diverse participation from qualified players. Therefore, for newcomers, understanding how to play is extremely important to avoid losing a lot. Below are detailed and specific information about the game rules that everyone needs to understand:

Overview of game rules

The game has super simple rules

In the game using a deck of 52 cards, each game usually has 2 to 4 people betting. When the game begins, each person will be given 13 cards. In the first round of play, whoever has the 3 of spades will have the right to go first. From the second game onwards, the winner of the previous game has the right to play the first card.

The power of the cards in Tien Len Mien Nam is determined based on their numerical value and suit. In terms of numerical value, the order of the cards is from small to large, starting with number 3 and ending with number 10. Then there are J (Jack), Q (Queen), K (King), A ( Ace), and finally 2. This means that the card with the value 3 is the smallest, and the card 2 is the largest. In terms of quality, the order from smallest to largest is spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts.

Basic concepts in the game Tien Len Mien Nam

Some arrangements in the game Tien Len

While participating in this game, you will encounter some of the following terms:

  • Sam Co: The deck has three cards with the same number.
  • Pair: When you have two cards with the same number.
  • Junk: Cards that do not belong in decks such as tam co, straight or pair.
  • Straight: A deck of cards consisting of at least 3 consecutive cards, does not need to be of the same suit. In Tien Len Mien Nam, there are no straights containing A, 2, 3 or K, A, 2 or 2, 3, 4 cards.
  • Four of a Kind: A deck of four cards with the same number, often used to split two or three pairs of cards.
  • Pine Pair: A deck of cards consisting of at least three consecutive pairs in numerical order.
  • Rotten: When the hand ends, any bettor still holding four of a kind, pair of pines or 2 cards is considered rotten.
  • Blind Put: The act of playing the last 3 spades in the game.
  • Freeze: Condition when only one player plays cards, and all other players cannot play cards until the game ends.

Specific instructions on how to play Tien Len Mien Nam

In the game Tien Len Mien Nam, the rules go clockwise. The first player is allowed to choose any card to play first. Subsequent bettors must play odd cards or larger card combinations to block. The rules in the case are double blocking double, lobby blocking lobby, garbage blocking garbage, and gray blocking gray.

If a bettor has no cards to block, they will forfeit their turn and no longer have the right to participate in that game. The game continues like this until one person runs out of cards first, that person will win. However, ingame There are also special cases when the player is given a blank from the start, meaning they do not need to play any cards out to be considered a winner.

In the first game, you can own the following decks:

  • Four of a Kind 3: Four cards with the same number 3.
  • Three pairs of pine trees accompanied by three spades.

In normal games:

  • Five pairs in a row: There are five pairs in a row.
  • Four Quarter Pigs: Four cards number 2.
  • Any six pairs: The six pairs of cards do not have to be related.
  • Six pairs in a row: Six pairs in a row in numerical order.
  • 12/13 cards of the same color: All 12 or 13 cards in the set are red or black only.
  • Dragon Straight: A straight that extends from card 3 to A.

Tien Len's pig cutting regulations in the South

Pig cutting law

In the rules of playing Tien Len Mien Nam, card 2 is considered the card with the highest value. However, if you don't have this card, there's no need to worry too much. As long as you have one of the following card combinations, you will have the right to cut the "pig" deck:

  • Tu Quy: Chop a pair of "pigs" or a single "pig" leaf. In addition, the four of a kind can also cut any smaller set of four of a kind or any three pairs of pines.
  • Three Pairs of Pine: Chop three smaller pairs of pine needles or one "pig" leaf.
  • Four Pairs of Pine: Chop a pair of "pigs" or a single "pig" leaf. At the same time, you can also cut an additional set of four quarters, three pairs of pines or four pairs of smaller pines.

Experience fight Tien Len Mien Nam from a senior expert

Tips for playing Tien Len Mien Nam, the easiest way to win

To win this game, success mainly depends on practical experience rather than luck. To develop skills and reflexes, players need to practice through many games and grasp the situation flexibly. Here are some tips when participating in Tien Len Southern card betting online that you should apply:

  • In the game, three pairs of pines can cut down two pairs of pines, while four pairs of pines can overcome three pairs of pines. If you have at least one "pig", be careful when playing cards. Limit following your opponents closely to avoid being suspected and caught. When you want to challenge your opponent, play big cards like K (King), A (Ace), J (Jack), Q (Queen).
  • Having the right to open the match is a great advantage. Use your strength to stay ahead of strong cards, increasing your chances of making a decision. On the contrary, if you have many odd cards, play these cards first.
  • If you have unfavorable cards, use the opportunity to play them as quickly as possible. Holding on to cards not only increases the chance of failure but also costs you more money when you lose.
  • In some situations, let your opponent play first. This helps you grasp the situation and find a way to play with a better advantage.


Above are the most complete and detailed instructions on how to play Tien Len Mien Nam for free. If you have any comments, please contact us and we will answer your questions. Wishing gamers have fun experiences when participating in card games on casino MB66.

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